Own a store?

We've got you covered. Join the 1000+ business owners who shop at our stores to stock their shelves. We offer bulk discounts to give you the additional savings you're looking for.


Tax-exempt purchases

We do not collect sales tax on orders shipped to locations outside of New York State. If you are located in New York State and intend to resell our products, you may qualify for tax-exempt purchases. Start by creating an account. Fill out Form ST-120; you must include a valid Certificate of Authority (tax ID) number and signature. Return the completed form to us at info@hillstrading.com or by fax to 718-786-8994.  Then contact us to request approval of tax-exempt status for your account.


Wholesalers/Rack Jobbers

We offer special pricing for wholesale businesses and rack jobbers. Please contact us to inquire more about this opportunity. We require additional information before approving wholesale and rack jobber accounts. Purchasing minimums may apply.